April 19, 2024

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Two Lamborghinis Collide And One Rare Aventador SVJ Roadster Goes Up In Smoke

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Recently one man sustained non-life-threatening injuries after a supercar accident in Long Island. Sometime around 10:45 a.m. local time on November 6, his Lamborghini and another collided. It sent his 2021 Aventador into the center median where it burst into flames and ultimately burned to the ground leaving little more than a pile of ash.

That man is Bryan Salamone, a resident of Dix Hills, a divorce attorney, and a philanthropist with ties to Smiles Through Cars. That organization intends to bring love and hope to children battling illness through experiences with superheroes and supercars.

“Bryan has ALWAYS canceled meetings to attend events for the children… He has a heart of gold and needs our prayers. Please pray for his complete and speedy recovery so he can return home to continue visiting children,” Smiles Through Cars wrote on Facebook. While there’s no video of the accident that caused the fire, Salamone’s Instagram account shows the car as it burned.

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According to The Lamborghini Registry (TLR) on Instagram, witnesses report that Salamone’s Aventador SVJ Roadster was clipped from behind by another Lambo while the two attempted to merge into the same lane. Photos and video of the crash site show tire marks leading to the resting car.

Salamone was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital with burns and other injuries after one man pulled him from the inferno and another placed pressure on his wounds. Other photos from the crash show broken pieces of the car.

They also show the state of the car after the fire was put out. To put it simply, it’s barely recognizable as a car. The wheels are the only parts that managed to maintain most of their shape.

Aside from the other Lamborghini involved in the accident, an Acura (model unknown) was also damaged. Salamone was the only individual with injuries though.

Images Melville Volunteer Fire Department / The Lamborghini Registry @ Instagram