September 29, 2023

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Tesla Patent Reveals Inspiration Behind Cybertruck’s Crazy Design

Many thanks to Electrek, we have experienced a look at the design and style patent and found that it references previous patents courting again much more than 4 decades, with the earliest pertaining to a Carabetta patent from November 1979. Of training course, these referenced patents might not have automatically been added by Tesla, as the patent examiners can do this too, but either way, it is really exciting to see what will be officially shown on the Cybertruck’s design and style patent.

The initial patent from Carabetta appears to be for a motor vehicle that never built manufacturing, as does the Avelino Falero just one from 1990. Likewise, the Alain Clenet design and style of the Eighties appears to be for a little something that never built manufacturing, even though other styles of Clenet’s did.