Watch a Model 3 drive straight into a flipped semi on a Taiwan highway

Now, a video that surfaced on Twitter reveals a Tesla Model 3 driving, without waiver or interruption, right into a flipped-in excess of truck on the freeway. The clip, which happened in Taiwan, has some viewers questioning and speculating what took place to the driver, if he was shelling out attention, and if any Tesla basic safety features ended up in use at the time.

The incident happened this early morning on National Freeway 1 in Taiwan. In accordance to, a box truck carrying salad and breakfast elements missing control and flipped in excess of. Even though the driver

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Federal investigators cite Autopilot, semi truck driver in fatal Model 3 accident

Investigators who looked into a 2019 crash that killed the driver of a Tesla Model three that slammed broadside into a semi trailer on a Florida freeway determined that the crash was prompted by the truck driver’s failure to generate to the car’s proper of way — merged with the Model three driver’s inattentiveness while relying on Autopilot, the partially autonomous driver-guide program.

National Transportation Protection Board investigators also chastised Tesla for failing to restrict the use of Autopilot to situations for which it made, and it cited the National Freeway Targeted visitors Protection Administration for failing to acquire a

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