Now, a video that surfaced on Twitter reveals a Tesla Model 3 driving, without waiver or interruption, right into a flipped-in excess of truck on the freeway. The clip, which happened in Taiwan, has some viewers questioning and speculating what took place to the driver, if he was shelling out attention, and if any Tesla basic safety features ended up in use at the time.

The incident happened this early morning on National Freeway 1 in Taiwan. In accordance to, a box truck carrying salad and breakfast elements missing control and flipped in excess of. Even though the driver of the truck stood on the facet of the street ready for guidance, a Tesla Model 3 arrived into the image driving in the within-most lane straight for the truck. Regardless of the truck downed on the freeway in the center of a distinct and sunny day, the Tesla did not flinch and plowed into the leading of the box.

Only one particular person was in the Model 3, and he was not critically hurt. Extra angles of the crash are witnessed here: 

In accordance to a about translated excerpt from CNA, the driver was anticipating the automobile to brake without his input. 

“The law enforcement stated that the driver of the Tesla electric auto, Huang, claimed to have the auto support method turned on, and the speed was set at a hundred and ten kilometers per hour,” the short article suggests. “He thought that the automobile by itself would detect the obstacle and immediately brake, but he was amazed that the automobile did not slow down.” 

From this passage, it seems like the driver was using either adaptive cruise control or some sort of Tesla’s Autopilot driving guidance technological know-how, although it was not right named or verified. This kind of speculation sprouts from Tesla’s past issues with its Autopilot method, which is not autonomous nor self-driving. Autopilot continues to be a basic safety-centered driver guidance method that necessitates driver attention at all moments. Self-driving vehicles do not exist nevertheless.

Before this year, the National Highway Targeted traffic Protection Administration observed Tesla at fault for not furnishing enough Autopilot safeguards immediately after a fatal Tesla crash. Check out CNA or ET Now for more information and facts or pictures.