February 22, 2024

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Nissan recalling 354,505 Pathfinder SUVs | Car News

Nissan is recalling 354,505 Pathfinder SUVs from the 2013-to-2015 product-several years owing to a doable difficulty with the brake mild switch. In point, owing to inappropriate set up, the brake lights may possibly remain on even when the brakes are not utilized.

This new campaign replaces a further remember that impacted 2013 and 2014 Pathfinder designs. Nissan has said that it has acquired a report of an accident that transpired after the initial restore. On the other hand, the automaker adds that it is not informed of any mishaps with other automobiles that were not recalled the initial time. Models that were fixed in the prior remember will need to be re-inspected. Nissan is not informed of any injuries that may possibly have transpired in link with this difficulty.

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Of the 354,505 Pathfinder models recalled in North America and all over the world, 267,276 are in the United States and 29,876 are in Canada. On the Transportation Canada web site, the difficulty with the Pathfinder brake lights is explained as follows:

“On specific automobiles, the quit lamp switch may possibly not have been installed accurately. In excess of time, this could result in the quit lamp relay to fail and adhere in the on posture. If this takes place, engine ability may possibly be reduced and the brake lights will continue to be on. Additionally, the car or truck may possibly be started and shifted into equipment devoid of pressing the brake pedal.”

– Transportation Canada

The company goes on to clarify that “the means to shift the gearshift to a posture other than PARK or to start off the engine devoid of acquiring to apply the brakes could improve the risk of an accident. Brake lights that remain on may possibly stop other street customers from knowing when the driver is braking. This could improve the risk of an accident.”

To deal with the difficulty, Nissan will notify homeowners by mail inquiring them to make an appointment with their supplier to have the brake mild relay and switch inspected. If the relay has previously been fixed (beneath the prior remember), practically nothing needs to be accomplished. For all other automobiles, the supplier will make the essential corrections, both changing or shifting the brake mild switch, and replacing the relay.