July 20, 2024

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GM Is Expanding Its EV Charging Network Where It Matters

GM is planning on providing each of its EV dealerships up to 10 Level 2 place charging stations to do away with the “charging deserts” that exist in sections of the US, and will also integrate with other important EV charging networks to let its prospects accessibility to virtually 85,000 charging places all over North America. GM’s Ultium EV devices and chargers are also set to change the charging match with a broad range of solutions, together with 11.5 kilowatt/forty eight-amp smart chargers and premium smart chargers, and 19.2 kW/80-amp premium smart chargers. These chargers will attribute more comforts this kind of as Wi-Fi and can be upgraded as a result of in excess of-the-air updates. Prospects will be in a position to set charging schedules, perspective studies and get readouts of charger status as a result of cell applications. According to GM, the first Ultimium chargers are finding all set for shipment early in 2022. Permit the good demand get started.