July 21, 2024

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The Ultimate Driving Machines

Radical Porsche 356 Ice Racer Ready To Crush Antarctica

Other modifications contain a rollcage, a rear track suspension mount body, a track bearing technique operating Dupont Krytox small temp grease, a 12V small-temperature compressor, a four-ton bag jack to elevate the motor vehicle if it receives caught in the snow, a rear-motor body winch place, and a temperature gauge to detect if the gearbox is overheating. If nearly anything goes incorrect, occupants can escape as a result of a rear window exit and the cabin is equipped with survival clothing, drinking water, and conversation tools for emergencies. Thanks to the extensive modifications, the Porsche 356 ice racer can endure temperatures of -50°C to +55°C (-122°F to +131°F).

With the help of her navigator Jason de Carteret, Renee Brinkerhoff will start off her 356-mile arctic journey in the Porsche 356A on December 5, marking the close of her epic 20,000-mile mission.