April 19, 2024

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GM Facing Class Action Lawsuit For Unsafe Chevy Bolts

In May possibly very last yr, Chevrolet commenced a treatment to acquire back Bolts that could capture hearth. A several months right after that, it experienced released a recall program that noticed it changing the 5 lithium-ion modules within just the battery pack. Early estimations stated that this could have expense the company $eleven,600 for each car or truck which is a significant sum when you take into account that the recall was issued to about 69,000 proprietors.

Just a several days ago, Chevrolet said that it could show Bolts would not capture hearth. To do this, it introduced that it would be sending proprietors a qualified window cling that consumers can interact with to assure that the condition of the battery is protected and secure. Drivers, parking whole lot attendants, and garage proprietors can scan the QR code on the cling to attain access to the confirmation that all is effectively.