April 19, 2024

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Ford Ranger Raptor caught with less camo next to a Bronco Raptor

We’ve found the next-era Ford Ranger in all its glory presently in the truck’s world-wide expose, but what we have not found is the Ranger’s large-overall performance off-highway Raptor variant. You are searching at our best look at of the upcoming Raptor nonetheless in these spy pictures, and it is screening alongside the Bronco Raptor.

These hottest pictures drop some of the camouflage that was shrouding our look at previously. Most importantly, the huge sheet of black cloth that was masking the grille is long gone, revealing the honeycomb-like pattern underneath. There’s a bar that splits the honeycomb grille in two, and this is exactly where the “FORD” lettering in excess-large font sizing will go. We also get to see the shape of the decreased bumper opening and a apparent appear at the giant skid plate underneath the bumper. The rest can be crammed in by what we know the normal Ranger seems to be like with its C-shaped headlight modules and sharp-edged hood.

Going further back again, we get to see the truck’s stance with its beefy BF Goodrich all-terrain tires and darkish gray wheels. A managing board, related to that found on the normal truck is visible on the sides. And then in the rear, we finally get to see real exhaust pipes in its place of the test pipes found previously. This means that Ford has also equipped it with what seems to be like a closer-to-creation rear bumper that will allow the exhaust to be tucked super large and out of the way of off-highway hurdles.

Ford Ranger Raptor spy shots

As for its Bronco Raptor screening spouse, these pictures give us a appear at what the two off-roaders appear like next to every other. Just like the prior pictures, these point out that the Ranger will be significantly narrower than the Bronco. It’ll still converse its off-highway intentions with the broader-than-ordinary overall body, but it is nowhere close to as excessive as the Raptor’s huge fenders demonstrate it to be.

We’re hoping to see the Ranger Raptor quickly now that the normal truck has presently been unveiled. If our prior predictions hold legitimate, it could start as a 2023 design.

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