December 3, 2022

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Ferrari’s Electric Supercars Will Retain Mid-Engine Feel

The patent in issue was to start with submitted in Italy in December 2018, but it was only December 2019 when it was filed with the USPTO. The patent was lastly revealed right here on January 11, 2022. All of this indicates that the thought is still noteworthy and is becoming pursued. But what just is the patent all about?

Nicely, it pertains to an “electric or hybrid sport auto,” suggests the documentation. The imagery clearly shows a “mid-motor” two-seater with no motor. The target of this patent is the significant mid-mounted battery again, which is supplemented by up to a few further flooring-mounted battery packs. All of these power storage units are mounted to a kind of subframe that bolts into the primary monocoque, implying that this is a modular program capable of currently being mounted in a range of purposes.