March 26, 2023

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SEMA Helps To Clean Up Aftermarket Upgrades

Bolstering this is the SC-E which is in line with what a CARB EO demands as effectively. This certification has been made with the EPA’s Tampering Policy in thoughts and employs workers to review the desires of the makers that request the assistance. At the time the component has been investigated, the SC-E will guide creators in obtaining the solution to the market place in a few months of attaining the CARB EO. Modifications this sort of as flex-gas systems, hydrocarbon entice-equipped intakes, and engine enhancements will all drop under this umbrella.

“SC-E offers brands much bigger alternatives and opportunities,” stated Peter Treydte, SEMA Director of Emissions Compliance. “This is a significant milestone in the industry’s capability to present merchandise to people. We look forward to doing the job with members and supporting them go to industry with SEMA Licensed-Emissions merchandise.”