September 29, 2023

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Collectors Will Love Maserati’s New Classiche Program

For collectors seeking to incorporate even far more benefit to their traditional Maseratis, the certification of authenticity is a massive deal. In the circumstance of the Mistral, it attained this honor by going through about three hundred checks and a extensive verification, matched against files kept in the brand’s Historic Archive.

“The Certification process is guaranteed by a committee of professionals and is available for Maserati cars and trucks from far more than 20 a long time in the past as well as the special collection, which include individuals from the recent previous these types of as the MC12 and the Quattroporte restricted editions.”

The Classiche system goes beyond just the certification process, nevertheless. Maserati will also offer you an on-demand from customers motor vehicle detailing provider, schedule servicing, and insignificant in-dwelling repairs. Of course, buyers can also have their cars and trucks restored to their former glory.