April 19, 2024

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Zenvo TS bows out with 263mph TSR-GT

Asked to name one detail about the Zenvo TS range of hypercars, one thing will come to mind – the spoiler. Fitted to the TSR-S, the tilting ‘Centripetal’ wing claimed to benefit both downforce and vectoring; Zenvo founder Troels Vollertsen described it as the ‘aerodynamic equivalent of an anti-roll bar’. It certainly gave the TSR-S a USP. Now, with production of the TS range – produced since 2016 and including the TSR, TS1 GT and TSR-S, which of course you knew – winding up, it’s time for the farewell special edition. The spoiler is a given, right?

Actually no. This new TSR-GT sports a much more modest, fixed rear wing, reflecting a touring-biased remit. But that’s all relative in the world of Zenvo. Because this new GT also gets a TS Power Pack for the twin-supercharged 5.8-litre V8, comprising an upgraded inlet plenum and exhaust manifold, meaning an almighty 1,378hp (1,360bhp), up from a measly 1,193hp (1,177bhp) as standard. The transmission is Zenvo’s own helical-cut dog box, too, which doesn’t sound like the kind of soothing automatic from a conventional GT. With the new, slipperier shape, aero disc wheels and a longer final drive – this is the tourer, don’t forget, the GT is said to be capable of 263mph. A TSR-S can only ‘amble’ along at 202mph. It’ll even run on E85.

So it’s a little bit more than a spoiler substitution, and a very different take on the GT thing. But there is a new interior, one much more habitable than the TSR-S, with plentiful Alcantara and leather, plus ‘noise-reducing leather edged velour floor mats’. It’s still unlikely to be a laid back continent crusher, though it is something different from Zenvo. Jens Sverdrup, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman, has described this as the “low-drag, high-speed version of the TSR-S”.

Though only these renders are available for now, Zenvo says production of the TSR-GT is underway. Not that it’ll be going for long, as only three are to be produced and they’re all spoken for. They will be made, along with a few more examples of the TSR-S, ahead of an all-new vehicle from Zenvo coming in Q3 2023. Let’s hope it’s not an SUV…