February 22, 2024

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What You Should Know About Electric Vehicle Repair Shops

Electric Vehicle Repair

Electric Vehicle RepairHardly anyone will dispute the rising popularity of electric cars. This is not surprising since electric vehicle have so many exciting features that inspire people to make the switch.

Along with the rise of EVs is a growing need to maintain and repair these cars. While auto shops can keep up with these emerging requirements, not all of them can efficiently handle the unique needs of electric automobiles.

 The Rise of EVs 

A report prepared by CCC Intelligent Solutions showed the growth of electric cars in the country. In 2021, a total of 118,223 electric vehicles were sold in the second quarter compared to 33,312 EVs purchased in the same quarter of the previous year.

Additionally, 248,028 hybrid electric vehicles were sold during the second quarter of 2021, compared with 91,677 units sold in the same quarter a year before. These numbers are a testament to the increasing popularity of electric cars and the need for auto shops to keep up with their repair needs.

 Things To Know About Electric Vehicle    Repairs

EVs don’t have as many parts and components as gasoline-powered cars, making them more expensive to repair, especially if their repairs involve batteries. Meanwhile, the extent of damage to the body and the availability of replacement parts will often determine the length of repair.

Here are essential things you need to know when it comes to EV repairs:

  1. Parts

The parts of an electric vehicle are different from those of conventional cars. They are also relatively new and limited stocks, making it difficult to find the right replacement parts. And, once you find the parts you need, they are more likely to have stiff prices.

  1. Towing

An expert auto body repair in Largo FL, says that towing an electric car requires a flatbed. Towing an electric vehicle through other means can cause further damage to its electric system.

  1. Painting

Electric cars are painted differently than their gas-powered counterparts. After an accident, the curing and painting process is more difficult for the standard EV than for a conventional car.

 Qualities of a Good Electric Car Repair Shop   

Like regular automobiles, EVs also deserve the best possible repair service. When looking for an auto body shop to repair your electric vehicle, check for the following:

  1. Certificates

An ASE or Automotive Service Excellence certification proves that an auto shop can repair quality electric vehicles. This certifies that the resident mechanic has passed the required exam for EV repairs. Ask for this and other related certifications when visiting prospective auto shops. If they have these, the shops will gladly show them to prove their expertise at their jobs.

  1. Experience

A seasoned auto repair shop can provide electric vehicle repairs that are guaranteed to work. Years of experience in the industry are the best indicators that a shop’s resident mechanic has the required knowledge and skills in terms of auto repairs.

  1. Reputation

An auto repair shop’s reviews are a good gauge of the quality of its services. Many of these are based on customers’ personal experiences with the auto shop. If they give a favorable rating, then the shop must be good.

  1. Customer Service  Record 

How an auto repair shop responds to customer queries shows how much they value existing and potential clients. A clear and patient explanation of policies and procedures is a good indicator that the shop will deliver excellent customer service.

  1. Diagnostic Skills

Electric vehicle repairs can only be done by professionals who are skilled in their respective fields. Ask questions if you are unsure about the course of action a mechanic provides and see if they can justify their recommendations.

  1. Quick Service

EV repairs can be expensive, but not too expensive. Many auto shops offer part replacements even when a quick repair is all that you need. They do this to speed up the transaction and make easy money rather than spend time diagnosing the problem.

If you opt for a repair, ask your mechanic for a breakdown of the costs. If this is higher than you expected, contact another auto shop and ask for a rates comparison.

  1. Work Environment

Many auto repair shops offer services without regard to what you want them to do with your electric car. If this seems to permeate throughout the shop, it’s best to take your EV to another store. In other words, if the environment is not right, just drive away.

 Key Takeaway 

It should be safe to say that electric vehicles are here to stay. They are the perfect alternative to regular cars that run on expensive fuel oil. EVs are also environment-friendly, and driving one is a good way of helping preserve the planet.

However, there is a problem with their repairs. While many auto repair shops can provide the service, some are simply ill-equipped in terms of skills and resources. EV owners will have to choose the repair shop they intend to bring their electric cars to when they need maintenance services wisely.