September 29, 2023

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The Ultimate Driving Machines

Wacky MG Maze Concept Is A Games Console On Wheels

Opening the front cover door reveals a comfy cabin with two “zero gravity” seats, a activity controller, and a monitor, replicating the cozy feeling of actively playing your favorite games on the couch. Occupants can control motor vehicle capabilities with their telephones.

An advanced Consumer Interface handles the full front of the motor vehicle incorporating a 3D map, avatar standing, and “mission info” for the activity even though images and digital written content are overlaid from the occupant’s standpoint, completely immersing the participant. The Maze Concept’s compact proportions make it ideal for driving through congested cities, but MG has no ideas to place it into output. MG hasn’t developed a physical strategy motor vehicle both, as the Maze Concept is a digital render structure review.