February 21, 2024

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Van Life: Everything You Need to Know About Renovating a Vehicle into a House

Thanks to social media apps such as TikTok, the notion of moving out of an ‘ordinary’ house and making a vehicle your full-time house is becoming increasingly popular. However, what seems to be a frenzied trend which has most 20-somethings eager to swap the now seemingly mundane choice of owning a house for a van is actually something of a generational movement. Nicknamed ‘Van Life’, the notion of having a completely mobile home offers unprecedented freedom that comes without a mortgage. And thanks to the work from home movement, and the increasingly popular digital nomad lifestyle, those who were once thinking of getting onto the property ladder and investing in a mortgage are beginning to prefer the joy that Van Life can offer. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on everything oyu need to know about renovating a vehicle into a house.

Begin with a Budget:

Just like with most big projects in life, you are going to struggle to get things moving if you don’t have the financial backing that you need. Unlike some investments in which you can kind of guess how they are going to turn out financially, when it comes to renovating a van, there is no telling how much financial support you are going to need. Therefore, the best place to start is with a rough budget. Even if you can’t put a final figure on how much it is going to cost collectively, it’s important that you have an idea of how much you want to spend on the project. 

Decide What Type of Travel You Want to Do:

The next step, which is crucial, is for you to decide on what type of travelling you want to do. By deciding this, you will be able to choose what is the right style of van for you to use, and how each van can accommodate your needs. Things such as insulation, whether you’re going to have indoor or outdoor plumbing are all huge areas of consideration that need to be decided ideally, before you get on the road and start driving. 

Create a Mood Board:

Once you have all of the logical steps out of the way, now becomes the important part- getting creative and interior design! Thanks to the internet and apps such as Pinterest, you can easily download some images to create a mood board, which will help you get on your way to deciding which style of interior design you want for the interior of your van. 

 Sort Out What Is Necessary and What Isn’t:

Life in a van is going to be very different in comparison to your home- as there won’t be much room for possessions. Therefore, it’s a good idea to decide very early on what you are going to be bringing with you.


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