February 27, 2024

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Torina Automobili — Witness A Glorious Tribute To Automotive History

Torina Automobili — Witness A Glorious Tribute To Automotive History

Presented by Torina Automobili.

As humans, but especially as car enthusiasts, nostalgia is a powerful thing. Whether it’s nostalgia for our own past or for a storied past that we’ve never experienced ourselves, it’s natural to long to relive great moments. When it comes to the automotive world, restoration has been able to embody that nostalgia and make incredible vehicles that feature the charm and historical appeal of the vehicle of the past with the modern power, appointments, and capability of the best vehicles of the present. But what if something new could capture the awe of something from the past?

From Torina Automobili, the new Warrior truck and Normandy SUV celebrate the unique past and present of the automotive world. Torina Automobili is launching the Warrior and Normandy, and both capture the presence and style of a legendary military past, as well as the power and innovation of an impressive automotive future.

TorinadPR Normandy 1

Launched with an exclusive worldwide agreement with AM General, The Warrior Humvee® Special Edition is a highly-capable yet luxurious truck with the intimidating presence of the most storied American military vehicles, while the Normandy Humvee® Special Edition SUV is inspired by a General’s command car, designed, crafted, and built to invoke the sense of leadership, confidence, capability, and power of a decorated leader.

With luxurious appointments and rugged capabilities, both vehicles will be available with combustion engines and electric drivetrains, with a hydrogen-powered option in development and coming in the future. With a supercharged 6.2-liter engine that produces 700+ horsepower and a 950+-horsepower electric option, the new vehicles’ modern performance is juxtaposed with its nostalgic design. The same goes for much of the Torina vehicles’ design, bringing together the best minds and talent from renowned firms like Specialty Vehicle Engineering, Recaro, BluePrint Engines Linamar’s eLIN Group, Osirius Group, JVIS, and Vision X.

TorinadPR Warrior Hangar 1

Pre-orders for the Torina Automobili Warrior Humvee® Special Edition and Normandy Humvee® Special Edition open today, with a very limited production number. Pricing for the Warrior starts at $199,950 with the Normandy starting at $224,950. Pre-orders for both the Warrior and the Normandy are $5,000. They both evoke an unmistakable American glory while also being something totally unique, and were created with the goal of being timeless and impressive for generations to come. Like the stories that inspired them, these new vehicles are admirable in a way that transcends their time, past or present.

The vehicles, developed by Jim Torina over the past 7 years, are said to start rolling off the assembly line starting in 2025. Torina Automobili is currently forging retail partnerships with luxury automotive dealers around the world.

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