Never ever considered it’d come to this, but I reckon it is time every motorist cautiously contemplates putting in an equaliser (aka a dash cam or other audio visual unit) within the vehicle wanting at other motorists.

I’m not chatting about new and unnecessary Authorities laws forcing us to do this. As an alternative, I advise we celebrate the state-of-the-art and very affordable evidence-accumulating tech available to us. For the excellent guys – that is the frustrating the greater part of us – we have very little to worry about as such cameras can and do help guard us and our autos (criminals loathe cameras).

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Also, we really should recall that if dash, head or body cams are right for rising numbers of community transport car or truck motorists furthermore riders of two-wheeled devices, then they are similarly acceptable for motor vehicle occupants, truckers, van motorists, cabbies, and all of us on the streets (or in vehicle parks exactly where a lot of small incidents occur).

Let’s have a amount taking part in discipline by reminding ourselves that if other road end users want to position their lenses at vehicle motorists, we can return the compliment. What could be fairer and far more democratic? Yup, I’m calling for a ‘cams-for-all’ on our streets. The authorized/justice process would be enhanced, as the accused could possibly have far more stages of video clip footage evidence than their accuser. Even now not confident? Then consider of your equalising dash cam far more as a legally recognised, unbiased witness capable of aiding your trigger, fairly than an evil spying unit out to harm it.

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Digital camera tech has thus considerably been used predominantly as a weapon to assault and prosecute us. So let us equalise matters by utilizing it as an effective kind of defence, much too. It’s a perversion of the training course of justice that motorists have a tendency to be ‘guilty right until established innocent’ these times. This injustice will not change unless of course and right until we provide video clip evidence that far more proficiently illustrates and proves our aspect of the tale.  

If a citizen commits a dangerous unlawful act on a pavement or any other community position, it is wholly satisfactory that footage is used to determine the suspect and offer with them by way of the right police processes. The exact same goes for suspects in or in close proximity to trains, railway stations and airports. So why really should riders or motorists sat on or within non-motorised or motorised two or four-wheeled autos be the exception to the rule? As a normal rider, vehicle user and commercial car or truck driver, I say we shouldn’t.

Do you concur or disagree with Mike’s view? Notify us what you consider under!