February 27, 2024

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The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Porsche owners

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Porsche owners

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Check out our list of the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

It’s that time of the year again, when retailers everywhere fight for your holiday shopping dollars. Remember when people used to line up after Thanksgiving dinner to get that $129.99 LCD TV? While some doorbuster deals like that still exist, most consumers have gotten acclimated to shopping online as a result of a pandemic.

Now, many retailers start their “Black Friday” deals well ahead of Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday is less of a shopping holiday than past years. It’s still however, widely considered the best time of the year to shop even if the deals aren’t as great as before. So whether you have an eye on a gift for that Porsche enthusiast in your life, or you’re shopping for yourself and your car, you’ll want to keep an eye on this post from now through Cyber Monday.

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be searching all over the internet for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to share with our readers. We’ll be updating this post each time we spot something worth mentioning, so come back often.

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Deals on car cleaning and detailing supplies

adam's polishes foam cannon

A foam cannon is a must-have for anyone who loves washing their car. Photo credit: Jason Siu / FlatSixes.com

If you’ve followed any of my content on FlatSixes, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of washing and detailing cars. I’m pretty sure as a Porsche owner, you are too. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great shopping days to stock up on car washing and detailing supplies, possibly for the entire year. We’ll be sure to look for the best deals on car wash soaps, car waxes, pressure washers, foam cannons, towels, and more.

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Deals on Porsche toys, collectibles, video games, and accessories

porsche toys and collectibles

Photo credit: Bradley Brownell / FlatSixes.com

Since we doubt you’ll be giving someone a brand new Porsche for the holiday, the next best thing (maybe) is a Porsche toy or collectible. Although there likely won’t be very many options for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we’ll find what we can and share them. If you’re shopping for a younger car enthusiast, make sure to check out our recommendations for the best Porsche LEGO sets and best Hot Wheels track and playsets.

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Deals on Porsche clothing, apparel, and lifestyle accessories

the best porsche clothing and apparel deals

Photo credit: Sorbis / Shutterstock.com

Sometimes the simplest gift is the best one. Official Porsche apparel and clothing can get expensive, so any deal is a good deal. It’s tough to say what to expect when it comes to sale items on Porsche clothing and apparel, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for some deals to share with you all.

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Deals on Porsche books

porsche books deals

Photo credit: Wallace Wyss / FlatSixes.com

Another great gift idea for that Porsche lover in your life is a Porsche book. There are plenty to choose from and they’re often on sale, even without a shopping holiday. We do anticipate there to be some great discounts on Porsche books this year, and we’ll be sure to call them out below.

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Deals on general automotive tools and accessories

noco boost plus gb40 portable jump starter

This section is where we’ll put all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we find on general automotive tools, parts, and accessories. That can be anything from a portable jump starter to rooftop cargo carriers. Some of these are great gift ideas, some of these are essentials that we feel every car owner should have in their garage. Others might just be that one item you splurge on each year, because you’ve always wanted it and now it’s heavily discounted.

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Recent updates:

  • Updated (11:19 a.m. EST, 11/26/2022): Cyber Monday deals have already started at a few online retailers. Many of the deals carry over from Black Friday. Removed outdated deals from the list and updated pricing on products that still have good discounts.
  • Updated (4:40 p.m. EST, 11/25/2022): Added a few Logitech driving simulator accessories including racing wheels and shifters.
  • Updated (1:52 p.m. EST, 11/25/2022): Found a few more Hot Wheels tracks and playsets that are currently on sale and added them to the list.
  • Updated (11:13 a.m. EST, 11/25/2022): Removed out of stock items from the list and updated minor price and coupon changes with live deals.
  • Updated (9:19 a.m. EST, 11/25/2022): It’s Black Friday! We’ve updated the post with some deals we saw go live this morning, including popular NOCO jump starters. We’ll be updating throughout the day with awesome deals we find.