April 15, 2024

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Tanner Foust drives his VW race cars in ‘Quantum Drift 2’

Tanner Foust is back again with a follow-up to his stunt-driving video “Quantum Drift.” It has been four many years because that 1st video, but the simple concept is the identical: It really is a spoof of the Scott Bakula demonstrate “Quantum Leap,” but rather of jumping from particular person to particular person to help you save life, Foust jumps from particular person to particular person to push different automobiles. Some of individuals are his very own VW race vehicles.

The enjoyable sections are when Foust is actually performing his very own driving in his vehicles. Early in the video we see him performing numerous stunt driving in a VW Beetle rallycross motor vehicle, including one particular huge leap, various smaller kinds, and some really serious donuts. And for reference, the Beetle he is driving is all-wheel push and sports a 560-horsepower 2.-liter four-cylinder.

Afterwards Foust jumps to the Grid Everyday living Atlanta party where by he is drifting his previous 2015 drift VW Passat. It really is no standard Passat, as it features a monster V8 less than the hood and rear-wheel push. Given that 2015, it has been updated with rear seats for passengers, and a color plan that will make it glimpse like a taxi. The “Drift Taxi” appears to be good tandem drifting with Frederic Aasbo in his Corolla drifter.

All of these clips are linked by some comedic jumps to skydivers, previous ladies and other uncomfortable circumstances. It really is a little bit of lighthearted entertaining, and we could all use a little bit of that today.

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