December 10, 2023

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SDK starts ST60-HSM aluminium alloy board marketing | Automotive Industry News

SDK has begun complete-scale advertising and marketing of ST60-HSM aluminium alloy board, which has significant heat conductivity and toughness, for use as on-board bus bar.

In 2021, SDK begun to supply quite a few automotive pieces makers with samples of ST60-HSM aluminium-alloy boards to be utilised as on-board bus bars.

The supplier states ST60-HSM is an aluminium alloy board which has significant heat conductivity equivalent to that of pure aluminium and significant toughness equivalent to that of 6061 aluminium alloy and is utilised as chassis of backlit LCDs for PCs.

The automotive market encourages unit excess weight reduction in order to increase gasoline efficiency and improve travelable length. The market is shifting from copper to aluminium-alloy-primarily based equipment for numerous components, which include wiring harnesses and bus bars.

SDK states the aluminium bus bar produced of ST60-HSM is forty three% lighter than a traditional copper bus bar.

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