June 15, 2024

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scout logo

Scout Motors Inc. is making the next generation of all-electric trucks and rugged SUVs for American drivers. It established the brand’s online presence for the first time by launching its website, social media, and brand-owned community forum.

scout logo

Clean, bold, and intuitive, the new Scout website gives consumers a glimpse of the company’s future branding and design direction. With its nod to the past and gaze toward the future, the website boasts an honest style and an intuitive user interface that is easily navigated. Declaring that “The world needs Scouts” and communicating a bold call to action, the brand makes it known that now is the time for its all-electric truck and SUV to carry the Scout legacy into the future.

The new Scout website also provides a glimpse of future product design with the release of a front-end teaser image for the Scout SUV. The teaser image shows the Scout concept sporting a strong stance and upright posture reminiscent of classic Scout models.

Scout Motors created the Scout Registry to chronicle vehicle history, ownership, and unique builds. Scout owners can create their own Scout Registry entries by uploading descriptions and photos of their Scout vehicle. The Scout Registry offers a chance to share personal Scout stories, to see your previously-owned Scout vehicles, and to welcome new Scout owners once production of Scout’s all-new, all-electric truck and SUV begins.

(source: Scout)

scout suvpickup.png

Scout SUV and Pickup rendering.