June 25, 2024

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Roofless 1993 VW Polo GT Is Not For Sale, But You’d Wish It Still Is

You may well have listened to of the title Walter Treser and his contributions to Audi, which include the brand’s renowned Quattro brand name. But in the course of the early ’90s, the former head of Advanced Unique Autos for Audi has established the Treser VW Polo GT with a detachable roof.

With only a whole of 290 units developed between 1991 and 1993 – ten of which came straight from Treser’s workshop in Germany – this tailor made Polo GT is a rare obtain. Just one of which was up for bidding at Classic Automobile Auctions.

If you’re baffled irrespective of whether this Polo is a convertible or has a targa leading, it can be the two. Primarily based on a normal VW Polo, this tiny two+two car is a cute way to have some open-leading, wind-on-your-hair enjoyable.

With that said, you can possibly only remove the roof panel, leaving the B-pillar and rear windscreen, or you can remove the complete factor. The physique pieces are foldable and can be saved in the luggage compartment, which has been tailored to accommodate the taken out pieces.

Much more importantly, the car you see in this article, in spite of staying nearly 30 several years outdated, is even now in mint affliction, according to the Classic Autos Auction listing. It had seventeen,103 kilometers (ten,627 miles) on the clock when it was posted for auction, shelling out its complete life in Treser’s family right before going on to its new owner.

If you’re interested in this rare tailor made Polo, you would be dissatisfied to know that it has currently been sold nearly a calendar year in the past for only 7,000 euros or close to $8,300. We might wager it will be challenging to obtain an instance out there which is as pristine and perfectly taken care of like this one.