April 15, 2024

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Rivian Says Tesla’s Lawsuit Is Just A Smear Campaign

Furthermore, Rivian states that none of the alleged trade insider secrets Tesla specified are in its possession or in any of its techniques. Rivian’s bottom line court argument is this: Tesla’s lawsuit did not present any concrete information pertaining to intellectual house theft by way of poaching employees or any other approach. In other words, Tesla is purely speculating and, consequently, has no lawful ground to sue.

“In unique, the Courtroom should really not credit as legitimate speculation of the kind scattered during Tesla’s criticism,” Rivian said in the filing. But Rivian failed to end there in its response.

It really is also arguing Tesla seriously failed to file its lawsuit about safeguarding its technological know-how and other trade insider secrets, but rather it was an “inappropriate and malicious attempt to gradual” Rivian’s industry momentum and hurt its brand as it will get closer to launching its 1st model, the Rivian R1T, a immediate competitor to the also impending Tesla Cybertruck.