June 24, 2024

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Pininfarina Battista breaks 0-100 km/h record

Battista Breaks 0-100 km/h record

Ever since the first high performance EVs made their debut there have been some truly impressive acceleration figures recorded. This one will take some beating as the Pininfarina Battista breaks 0-100 km/h record.

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Styling house Pininfarina has, for decades, created evocative designs for other automakers. For the first time ever, the company has produced a car that carries its own name. Interestingly, it uses a powertrain that it sources from Rimac, tyres that come from Pirelli and carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo and draped it all in a seductive design of its own. An electric motor per corner delivers a total of 1 400 kW and a massive 2 340 N.m of torque. The hyper GT has a top speed of 350 km/h, a range of up to 476 km.

Each of the 150 Battista examples is built in Cambiano, Italy. Each is bespoke with a total of 128 million possible interior combinations alone. In addition to the exterior colour combinations with bespoke detailing and exclusive aluminium Exterior Jewellery and alloy wheel designs. 

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Record Breaker

The pure-electric Battista’s launch control system recently rocketed the car to a 0-100 km/h run completed in 1,86s, and 0-200 km/h time of just 4,79. The latter is about as quick as the quickest hot hatches take to reach 100 km/h. 

Paolo Dellacha, Automobili Pininfarina chief product and engineering officer said: “I am proud that our new electric hyper GT delivers on the promises we made when we set out our development plan. In Battista, we have achieved performance beyond our original, extreme targets.

“Perfectly optimised weight distribution and low centre of gravity are at the heart of this result.  The combination of bespoke chassis and suspension tuning, tyres proven over many thousands of test miles and four-motor torque vectoring delivering unprecedented power enables Battista to be the fastest accelerating road-legal car in the world.

Watch as Battista breaks 0-100 km/h record in the video below and learn more about the Battista from former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld in the video at the bottom of this post.