Electric cars and the future of auto maintenance

Moving from internal combustion to electric power does more than reduce tailpipe emissions: it will fundamentally shatter today’s auto maintenance and service sector.

The decline is mathematical. With one-fifth the number of powertrain parts and an almost total elimination of oil (a), the typical automotive dealer will suffer 35% declines in maintenance and service revenue, or roughly $1,300, for an EV versus an internal combustion engine vehicle over a five-year period (b).

But this disruption is not even. Two of the top three maintenance items — oil changes and brake service (24% and 5%, respectively, of all maintenance transactions in

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What to do in Uber accident

With more than a million Uber drivers on American roads every day, there are accidents involving Uber drivers pretty much every hour of every day. As such, it’s a good idea to have a basic awareness of the legal and insurance issues that will affect you if you’re ever injured in an accident with an Uber driver — either as a passenger or a pedestrian, bystander or other driver. A good understanding of how Uber’s insurance works will help you be more efficient and effective in handling the accident and getting fairly compensated for it.

But first …

What to

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Automotive IQ Guides: Electric Vehicles

Faced with tightening emissions standards, especially in Europe and China, the automotive industry is rapidly scaling-up its eMobility efforts.

In so doing manufacturers have a raft of technologies they can call upon:

  • Mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV)
  • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)
  • Plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)
  • Battery electric vehicles (BEV)

But which architecture is best suited to the task?

Each of these solutions has its own challenges and benefits, which automakers need to weigh up within the context of constantly evolving emissions standards, customer acceptance and corporate strategy.

What electric cars do manufacturers bring to market?

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Diecast Rally Championship the right way to YouTube

In 2009, a YouTube user called Luxe37 uploaded a stop-motion video called “The Fastest Red & Yellow.” With nothing more than a scale-model Japanese town, scale-model Japanese cars and a Pontiac Trans-Am, a few green men, some magnificent sound design, and what must have been a lot of time, Luxe37 created a splendor. Eleven years later, Luxe37’s landmark lark is still more thrilling and more engrossing than almost every car-centric heist film released since — and TFR&Y doesn’t have any dialogue. Or perhaps TFR&Y is better because of that. Whatever, the point is that it’s been a long

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What is Bentley Motors’ planning for its $1.9 million car?

“The real value, we believe, is in rarity and excellence in materials, sustainability in materials and excellence in craftsmanship,” Hallmark said.

Highlights from Mulliner’s past include the R-Type Continental from the early 1950s and the State Limousine for Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.

“Since that time, 20 years ago, the world has moved on,” Hallmark said, referring to the limousine. In the past, a vehicle costing over £100,000 — about $130,000 in today’s exchange — was measured as a rarity, he added.

“Now there’s lots of cars for a lot more money than £100,000,” he said. “And despite

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