There is very little that remains off the table in the world of custom motoring. You can stick a Subaru engine into a Porsche 911 (as seen here). A Viper V10 engine in a Subaru, no problem. This Ferrari 244 GTK is the most recent unlikely pairing in the engine swap arena.

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It’s a Ferrari Jim, but not as we know it

The Ferrari 244 GTK has been in the making for over two years. Mike Burroughs from Stanceworks had the idea to improve a classic Ferrari 308 GTB by removing the original engine and replacing it with something more modern. His engine of choice comes from the Far East, more specifically from Honda. 

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The K24 unit is a popular choice among tuners as it offers huge power from a dense package. A Garrett turbocharger has been bolted to a custom manifold to force-feed the motor with pressurised air. A Haltech standalone management system handles all the engine’s vital controls. The aim of this combination is to eventually produce 750 kW (an even 1 000 hp). A Quaife sequential unit replaces the standard five-speed manual transmission. 

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Ground Up Rebuild

Engine aside, the Ferrari 244 GTK has been rebuilt from the ground up with new suspension configuration that features an adjustable coilover set-up. In addition there are high-performance AP Racing brakes all around. The car has been put on a severe diet which has resulted in a 373 kg mass reduction. As a result it now weighs 1 078 kg. Listen to Mike explain just some of the effort that went into creating his unique project in the video below.