Canada has several charming aspects: legal weed, the metric technique, a operating government. It also has its curiosities: Tim Horton’s, curling, and (considering that 2015) a race collection that solely makes use of the subcompact Nissan Micra. But with the Micra having departed Nissan’s Canadian lineup after 2019, it was time for a new race automobile. Enter the Nissan Sentra, star of the freshly renamed Nissan Sentra Cup.

Although the recent Nissan Sentra is vastly enhanced compared to its predecessor, one particular would not contact it sporty. In contrast to Sentras past, there is no NISMO or SE-R product. But the exact same could be claimed of the Micra, and Nissan failed to wait to establish a race collection all around that automobile. In addition, the Sentra Cup race automobiles are modified compared to the road version.

Considerably of the inside is stripped out — so extended, quilted leather — and in its area, a solitary racing seat with a 6-place harness, a speedy-launch racing steering wheel, a fire-suppression technique and a entire roll cage are equipped.

The powertrain, even though, is stock. Or should we say, Canadian-stock. The 149-horsepower 2.-liter motor is retained, introducing just a cold-air intake and a new ECM. But while U.S. Sentras are offered solely with a CVT, the Canadian Sentra S is obtainable with a 6-speed guide transmission, and that is the gearbox made use of in the Sentra Cup automobiles. Chassis upgrades include an adjustable coil-in excess of suspension, 4-piston front calipers with larger rotors, the Sentra SV/SR rear calipers and rotors, large-functionality brake pads, a custom exhaust technique, lightweight 18 x nine-inch wheels, urethane bolstered motor and transmission mounts, and a pit speed limiter.

The price tag of the Sentra Cup automobile is $39,990 Canadian, or about $31,300 U.S. dollars.

The Nissan Sentra Cup race collection will be comprised of 6 key events from Could by way of September 2021. In accordance to the formal web-site, the race events will consist of a thirty-minute trial, a thirty-minute qualifying session, and two 40-minute races. For a time, the collection will proceed to use Micra race automobiles as nicely, whilst the two products will compete independently. Nissan describes the collection as “a proving floor for burgeoning racing talent,” whilst it truly is not just for younger motorists — there is also a seniors category. So, Sentras for all ages, eh?