February 20, 2024

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New Renault 4 badge hints at next Renault icon revival

Renault could insert yet another reborn icon to its line-up in the close to long run in the kind of a new, all-electrical edition of the 4, following a trademark application for a new Renault 4 badge – in the same type as that identified on the new five Prototype – was discovered. 

It will be yet another important automobile in an electrification push that will see Renault launch seven new totally-electrical automobiles by 2025. Earlier in 2021, the model exposed the amazing Renault five Prototype, which is because of in 2023 as an cost-effective electrical supermini. 

Renault hasn’t long gone on record with any programs to revive the 4. But, there has been loads of speculation suggesting that the model will dedicate to a reboot of the model as yet another cost-effective modest EV with heavy inspiration from the primary, which was one particular of the brand’s finest sales successes.

In excess of a 31 12 months output run spanning from 1961 to 1992, the model generated around eight million units of the 4 and its much less expensive Renault 3 by-product. 

This 12 months sees the primary 4 celebrate its 60th anniversary, and Renault has teased that there will be a “surprise” centered on the 4L van in November. That could be a hint that we could see a principle previewing the automobile by the stop of 2021, and ties in with further more rumours that the new 4 will be a affordable, electrical professional automobile counterpart to the passenger carrying five. 

Should really the 4 be centered on the same underpinnings as the new five, it will use the CMF-B system at the moment applied by the Zoe hatchback, which is a modified edition of the Clio’s underpinnings, produced appropriate for an all-electrical drivetrain. 

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