February 20, 2024

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Meet Frank The Tank, An LS-Swapped Land Cruiser Panel Truck

Prior to the purists cry foul of one more 80-collection Toyota Land Cruiser with an LS V8 beneath the hood, listen to us out. The newest video from the fellas at Fullboost requires a specific glance at ‘Frank the Tank’, an 80-collection Land Cruiser, crafted by Mark Boxer of HoonTV.

Forward of speaking about the powerplant, we’d be remiss not to point out that this is a panel truck. This effectively signifies that the manufacturing unit human body panels at the back are deleted and equipped with replacements that are substantially lighter – a exercise that definitely sells the Baja pre-runner aesthetic. The conversion came at the cost of the rear doorways, making this a two-doorway Land Cruiser. 

Even though swapping an LS into a Land Cruiser is nothing new, the quantity of conversion kits available manufactured the career unbelievably easy when it came to ‘Frank the Tank’. The Marks4wd kit that Boxer applied allowed him to retain the identical airbox, gasoline traces, headers, and tower shafts from the manufacturing unit car or truck. Allegedly, Boxer wished to insert a turbo to the LS, but he opted to retain every little thing about stock – only introducing minimal elements like a new exhaust and cam.

From the exterior, ‘Frank the Tank’ was painted in a mattress liner complete. Sure, this isn’t the very first time we’ve seen Rhino Liner applied on the exterior of an offroad auto, but there is substantially a lot more than meets the eye when it will come to this Land Cruiser. Along with the in depth modifications included with the panel truck conversion, the fellas also additional new bumpers and fender flares to insert to the pre-runner glance.

Soon after all was said and done, Boxer said that there is not substantially that he would alter in the upcoming with these types of a bulletproof set up. He pointed out that there had been ideas for other motor swaps like a 1JZ, but the volume of engineering encounter driving the LS swap manufactured it a no-brainer.