June 25, 2024

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Lexus LF-Z Interior Is Truly A Work Of Art

Embracing the SUV’s futuristic structure, Zunka’s personalized large-tech interior seems like it was designed for a spaceship in a science fiction movie with its lively lights, translucent silicone seat cushions, and a panoramic brushed chrome roofliner. “This interior structure is purely speculative so I allowed for absolutely free associations and pure imagination and creativeness,” said Zunka. “I preferred to make the interior sense as if it was not manufactured by humans, but possibly designed by a subtle artificial intelligence. I preferred to go earlier any regarded language and structure ideas and forget about about what is typically used in automotive interior structure.”

Eventually, Hender Scheme’s interpretation of the interior is coated solely in untreated leather-based, which will deepen in coloration in excess of time to produce a distinctive pattern and “demonstrates the passage of time and the driver’s partnership to the motor vehicle.”