December 3, 2022

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Lamborghini Urus Evo Will Be Even Better Than We Thought

A excess weight reduction will see the portly Urus tip the scales at marginally significantly less than the significant 4,850 lbs . of the present product, even though a increase electricity previous the 4.-liter V8’s previously strong 641 horsepower is also expected. As with the current Huracan presented in 2019, it is really probably the facelifted tremendous SUV will attain the Evo nomenclature.

As mentioned, 2024 will see the Urus get hybrid technology prior to remaining replaced entirely, by a completely-electrical design.

Winkelmann told Autocar the all-electric powered Urus will be a “totally new vehicle”. As for when it will get there, the CEO would not say, but the marque’s to start with EV is slated for 2028, and if the Urus will turn into its second EV, then you can guess on its arrival before 2029.