June 15, 2024

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Lamborghini Huracan replacement likely a V10 hybrid

Lamborghini Huracan replacement likely a V10 hybrid

Lamborghini is set to replace the popular Huracan supercar in the middle of 2024 with an all-new model that will share very little with sister brand Audi and have a unique hybrid powertrain and platform.

The current Huracan has been around since 2014 and will finally be replaced in Q2 2024 with the first of the new cars likely to arrive in Australia by 2025.

CarExpert believes the new model will still carry a V10, but it will be an all-new Lamborghini-designed powerplant with a hybrid system.

Speaking to CarExpert at the opening of the revised Lamborghini dealership in Brisbane this week, the brand’s regional director of Asia Pacific, Francesco Scardaoni, confirmed the new powertrain will be hybrid and may have inadvertently admitted that it will also be a V10.

“That will be a new V10, the new Huracan, up to now we can not disclose what engine will be fit to the car. But it will be a hybrid. Because our hybridisation phase, the Huracan will be 2024 where we will release the hybrid version of the new Huracan, mid 24, we will release the new car.”

The most exciting news for Lamborghini fans, apart from the possibility of the V10 living on in hybrid form, is that the new Italian supercar will not share its heart with an Audi, as was the case with the Huracan and R8.

“Lamborghini became one of the most profitable brands within the group this year, we set another record year in terms of operating profit…. and because being the brand with the highest profitability, of course you have the power to ask certain things and also to self-fund the project.”

The new Huracan will follow the V12 flagship hybrid. This will also be joined with the hybrid Urus SUV before the all-electric 2+2 Lamborghini arrives in 2028.

Don’t expect Lamborghini to follow Ferrari’s lead in creating a near endless number of new models based on similar platforms, either.

“We want to have a pretty clear differentiation between the range, our customers are asking to keep the models pretty differentiated, we are building dreams and we need to make sure customers are dreaming of Lamborghini.”

Customers ordering a new Huracan Tecnica now will see their car in 2024, around the same time we are likely to see the Huracan replacement.

According to Lamborghini Australia boss, Peter Crombie-Brown, the average Lamborghini buyer in Australia is 45 years old and is 91 percent likely to be a male. Most are entrepreneurs and very tech savvy.