May 23, 2024

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Ken Block rides shotgun to teach his daughter, 13, to do doughnuts

Now this is adorable. It’s a online video in which Ken Block, the head Hoonigan and Gymkhana master himself, tackles the time-tested ceremony of fatherhood that is instructing your baby how to function a stick. Only in this situation, it’s to do doughnuts, which is generally anything a teenager does well away from their parents’ supervision well just after they’ve mastered the artwork of operating a clutch. Also, there’s no yelling or anyone obtaining impatient.

It’s set at the Utah Motorsports Campus, which has partly re-opened for organization, with Block and his 13-12 months-outdated daughter, Lia, in his 1978 MkII Ford Escort RS. Block suggests he taught her how to travel stick just 3 days in advance of in a Ford Aim RS. That would make drifting in the Gymkhana motor vehicle a challenge, considering that as he points out, “you’ve gotta travel it with a lot of RPM and a lot of throttle command.” Rather the job for a stick-shift newb.

Nevertheless, Lia handles it like a professional and proves a rapidly learner. Which most likely should arrive as no shock, considering that she’s a Block, just after all, and we’re proven archival footage of her racing in a children’s drift Mustang, go-karts and utility terrain cars in opposition at UMC.

If only the rest of us could’ve been so blessed when we ended up first understanding.

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