April 21, 2024

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Junkyard Gem: 1987 Pontiac Firebird

From 1967 by 2002, the Pontiac Division provided the Firebird, close sibling to the Chevrolet Camaro. By the 3rd technology, which debuted for the 1982 product yr, it turned additional tricky to tell the two F-human body autos apart at a glance and the Pontiac-distinctive engines of the previously decades disappeared, but the Firebird nonetheless retained its very own identity and its very own position in the GM advertising hierarchy. I nonetheless locate the occasional 1982-1992 Camaro as I search motor vehicle graveyards for intriguing stuff, but the corresponding Firebirds have become scarce in new decades. This is a foundation-motor-equipped ’87, its Bright Red paint (indeed, that was the official identify for the coloration) light by the Colorado sun as it awaits the crusher.

Firebird purchasers had their option of three engines in 1987: A five.seven-liter Chevy V8 (210 hp), a five.-liter Chevy V8 (205 hp) and the very same two.eight-liter 60° V6 that went into the Fiero and countless front-travel GM sedans (one hundred thirty five hp). This motor vehicle has the foundation motor. The 3rd-gen F-human body did not weigh much (3,one zero five lbs . for the ’87 with six-banger, about what a 2020 Corolla weighs), so one hundred thirty five horses was tolerable.

A lot of these autos obtained T-five five-velocity guide transmissions, but this 1 obtained the two-pedal set up.

Camaro wheels, of program.

Our Buddy the Carburetor did not disappear from new autos till the early nineteen nineties in the United States, while digital gas injection had become incredibly commonplace by 1987. Continue to, GM considered this car’s EFI worthy of a door-manage brag.

It is really not worthy of correcting up a mashed six-cylinder 3rd-gen Firebird, so we can see the route this motor vehicle took to its closing parking room.

When you’re about to be crushed to a pulp by catcalling, Olds-driving thugs, operate to the Firebird!

So much big hair in these late-eighties Pontiac adverts!