June 20, 2024

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The Ultimate Driving Machines

Israeli Startup Creates The Ultimate EV Platform

A youthful startup out of Tel Aviv, Israel by the title of “REE” has cooked up a new flexible platform for pure-electrical cars that could prove video game-changing.

Like many other EV platforms, REE’s follows a “skateboard” design philosophy, with its battery packs, suspension, and other very important parts housed within a vertically compact package that can theoretically underpin just about any vehicle entire body kind. But REE’s design is distinct in that each and every corner assembly is a self-contained unit, with a wheel, hub, motor, suspension, and digital management unit all within a single module that can be changed in just 18 minutes.

The concept could be especially practical to professional fleet shoppers, for whom vehicle downtime signifies lost business revenue. In simple fact, a 6-wheeled edition of REE’s EV platform has already been showcased by Toyota’s professional vehicle division, Hino Motors, which has set up a partnership with the Israel-based startup.