April 19, 2024

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In-Car OnStar Service For 2015 And Older GM Vehicles Is About To End

In-Car OnStar Service For 2015 And Older GM Vehicles Is About To End

With the country transitioning to higher network connectivity, GM’s OnStar has announced that in-car services are about to end soon. However, OnStar services will continue but through another method – just not through the three-button interface in older GM vehicles.

The reason for this change is the upgrade of cellular carriers from a 2G network to a 4G or 5G connectivity. As older GM vehicles use a 2G connection, these cars will lose their in-car OnStar services. In the US, most major network providers will complete the transition from the 2G network in December 2022.

In-Car OnStar Services About To End

According to OnStar, the affected vehicles from this network upgrade (a.k.a. 2G network sunset) cover certain 2015 model year and older GM vehicles, including former GM brands, such as Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer. If you’re unsure if your GM vehicle is part of the affected cars, you may check so using OnStar’s online VIN finder.

With the 2G network sunset, some OnStar services under Safety & Security Plan will not be available to these mentioned older GM vehicles, namely Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, and Turn-by-Turn Navigation. The Remote Key Fob service under the Essentials Plan will also become unavailable.

According to GM Authority, affected members will have their monthly subscription costs reduced. The billing change will be effective on January 1, 2023.

Other OnStar services will still be accessible to the owners of these older GM vehicles. Active OnStar Members will be able to use key services by calling an OnStar Advisor at 1.888.4ONSTAR. These services include Roadside Assistance, Crisis Assist, or Emergency Services.

The services can also be accessed through the OnStar Guardian app, which is already included in the Safety & Security and OnStar Guardian Plans. Location Status and Mobile Crash Response are also accessible through the app.