July 21, 2024

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How to fix your sagging headliner

1. Safely remove the headliner canvas by first removing any brackets, handles and trims that may be holding it in place. Caution must be taken as these areas can be brittle over time, especially if the roof lining is damaged, chances are, these areas have also been exposed to similar deterioration. Use proper tools to dismantle the surroundings.

2.Once removed, place all your screws, bolts, brackets and handles in an organised manner. Last thing you want is a missing screw.

3.Safely peel off the material and brush off all the old glue from the canvas. You will need plenty of elbow grease and surely fit in your daily exercise doing this part. 

4. Once the glue has been removed, it is time to apply the glue on the canvas.

5. Gently roll over the new headlining material section by section and using your other hand to pave the area for a smooth finish. Cars with certain attachments to the roof, like a DVD unit and so on, must have the holes carved out.

6. Once you have your new liner on the canvas it is time to reinstall it to the car roof and stabilising the area using the brackets, screws and so on collected from step 2.

7. Give the roof lining a gentle clean and wipe down if there are any fingerprints and allow it to dry overnight.