Honda launches next generation Honda SENSING Elite safety system with Level 3 automated driving features

  • Honda launches new Honda SENSING Elite protection method
  • Equipped to Honda Legend Hybrid EX accessible for lease in Japan
  • Honda SENSING Elite capabilities ‘Traffic Jam Pilot’ functionality, first Stage 3 automatic technology to be identified by Japanese authorities
  • Other capabilities include things like ‘Hands-off’ and ‘Emergency Stop Assist’


Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin lease revenue in Japan, on March 5, 2021, of the Honda Legend EX equipped with Honda SENSING Elite.


In its exertion to realise a collision-no cost society based on its global protection slogan, “Safety for Every person,” Honda has long been at the forefront of the investigate and advancement of protection technologies. The introduction of Legend equipped with the Honda SENSING Elite signifies the subsequent stage ahead in the place of advanced protection technology.


Honda SENSING Elite builds on the functionality of Honda SENSING, which is equipped as regular in the course of Honda’s European vehicle assortment.


Just one of the “elite” technologies showcased is the “Traffic Jam Pilot” functionality, an advanced technology qualifying for Stage 3 automatic driving (conditional automatic driving in limited place), for which Honda has obtained sort designation from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)*1. Traffic Jam Pilot technology permits the automatic driving method to generate the motor vehicle beneath specified disorders, instead of the driver, these as when the motor vehicle is in congested targeted traffic on an expressway*2.


For motor vehicle command, the method decides the placement of the motor vehicle and street disorders working with info from the 3-dimensional high-definition maps and the global navigation satellite method (GNSS*3), detecting the vehicle’s 360-degree environment working with several exterior sensors. At the same time, the method tracks the disorders of the driver working with the checking digicam mounted inside the motor vehicle. Based on these a broad assortment of facts, the main Ecu helps make correct recognitions, predictions and conclusions and applies a high-stage command to acceleration, braking and steering inputs to assist the driver to accomplish high-good quality and clean driving.


Placing the optimum priority on protection and dependability, the method advancement employed simulations where a complete of somewhere around 10 million pattens of probable authentic-environment situations were being simulated, and several demonstration exams were being executed while driving test autos on expressways for a complete of somewhere around 1.3 million kilometers (800,000 miles). Furthermore, the method incorporates redundant method design and style to assure protection and dependability in the event of a issue with any of the products.


Exterior machines created exclusively for this all-new Legend product involves blue accessory lights and a focused aluminium wheel. Several sensors are embedded to make them considerably less apparent so that an appearance befitting a flagship sedan are more increased while discreetly contacting out the fact that it is a motor vehicle equipped with automatic driving machines.


Inside machines distinctive to this product involves Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights which characteristic meticulously picked respective positions, measurements, colours, brightness and other specifics, as properly as the 12.3-inch complete-Liquid crystal display graphic meter. This machines was adopted to assure intuitive comprehension of procedure standing, current circumstance, and any requests to transfer back again command to the driver.


Key capabilities of Honda SENSING Elite


‘Hands-off’ Performance


Although driving with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Small-Speed Observe and Lane Keeping Guide Technique (LKAS) activated, when specified disorders are content on an expressway, the method will assist the driving operations even while the driver has their hands off the steering wheel.


  • Adaptive in Lane Driving:


The method helps the driving and in pursuing a motor vehicle in entrance in just a lane. The method drives the motor vehicle together the middle of the lane while preserving the pre-set motor vehicle speed. When there is a motor vehicle in entrance, the method helps in pursuing while preserving a correct pursuing distance.


  • Lively Lane Change Guide with Hands-off Perform


Although driving working with the Adaptive in Lane Driving, when the driver confirms risk-free environment and puts on the convert sign, the method helps acceleration/deceleration and steering for the lane modify.


  • Lively Lane Change with Hands-off Perform


Although driving working with the Adaptive in Lane Driving, when the driver switches on the Lively Lane Change with Hands-off Perform, the method assesses the circumstance and helps the lane modify and/or passing of the other motor vehicle beneath specified disorders. When the method detects a motor vehicle in entrance becoming pushed at low speed, the method notifies the driver and then helps the passing and returning to the authentic lane.


Traffic Jam Pilot


Although driving working with the Adaptive in Lane Driving, when the motor vehicle receives caught in targeted traffic congestion beneath specified disorders, the method usually takes command of acceleration, braking and steering while checking the vehicle’s environment on behalf of the driver. The method drives, stops, and resumes driving in just the same lane while preserving a correct pursuing distance in accordance with the speed of the motor vehicle in entrance. Although the motor vehicle is beneath the command of the method, the driver can view television/DVD on the navigation display or run the navigation method to lookup for a destination handle, which can help mitigate driver tiredness and tension while driving in a targeted traffic jam.



When the driver carries on to be unresponsive to the system’s requests for a handover (the transfer of command back again to the driver), the method helps deceleration and stopping of the motor vehicle by building lane modify(s) to the outermost lane or the shoulder of the street. To be extra unique, in circumstance the driver does not react to the system’s handover requests as the Traffic Jam Pilot/Hands-off Perform will be disengaged, the method more urges the driver to react to the handover request working with visible, auditory and tactile alerts which include escalated alarm appears and vibration on the driver’s seatbelt. If the driver carries on to be unresponsive, the method will assist deceleration and stopping of the motor vehicle while alerting other autos all-around working with hazard lights and the horn. When there is a street shoulder, the method helps deceleration and lane changes until finally the motor vehicle reaches the shoulder of the street for a risk-free cease. *4


Human-Machine Interface (HMI)


The interface permits the driver to instantaneously understand functioning standing of the method, the driving circumstance and the handover requests issued by the method. Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights are positioned on the steering wheel, the top rated aspect of the navigation display and glovebox. When the Hands-off Perform is activated, the indicator light on the steering wheel illuminates, and when Traffic Jam Pilot is activated other indicator lights also arrive on with a blue light. When the method requests the handover, all indicator lights modify their coloration to orange and blink to mail an simple-to-realize concept to the driver. The huge 12.3-inch, complete-Liquid crystal display meter also displays the functioning standing of the method, driving circumstance and the handover requests in a uncomplicated nevertheless expressive way.


Minimal lease revenue of the Honda Legend Hybrid EX commence in Japan from 5 March.


*1  Reception of the sort designation was announced on November eleven. 2020.

     Please refer to the press release:

*2  There is a limit to the abilities (e.g. recognition capacity and command capacity) of personal functions of Honda SENSING Elite. Please do not overestimate the abilities of each Honda SENSING Elite functionality and generate safely while paying out continual interest to your environment. Please continue being in affliction where you can react to the handover request issued by the method, and straight away resume driving upon the handover request.

*3  GNSS stands for World wide Navigation Satellite Technique, a collective title for satellite positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) techniques.

*4  Dependent on the circumstance, the method might cease the motor vehicle with no building lane modify(s).


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