September 29, 2023

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Ford And Lincoln Patent Holographic Logos

The program is comprised of 3 elements, a projection gadget on the car or truck, a water mist making gadget, and a controller to make the two function together, depending on the proximity of the critical. H2o could be gathered from rain, with a valve that closes when a tank is entire, or by employing an air conditioning condensate restoration program.

The patent also notes, in equally words and drawings, that the projection gadget could be on leading of the car or truck or at the hood ornament, projecting the logo in the drawings. The drawings exhibit a sedan, but considering the fact that the company only sells SUVs now, we could see this showing up on the Lincoln Navigator, even though the vehicle’s so big it almost certainly wouldn’t have to have it, but the Nautilus, Corsair and Aviator could use the tech also.