June 15, 2024

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First Day Owner Impressions of a New 2023 Corvette Z06 1LZ Z07

First Day Owner Impressions of a New 2023 Corvette Z06 1LZ Z07

First Day Owner Impressions of a New 2023 Corvette Z06 1LZ Z07

I caught this post over on the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com from a member there who just picked up his new 2023 Corvette Z06 at the National Corvette Museum.

The member, “2023Z07”, lives in Bowling Green, and he doesn’t have a YouTube channel or fall into to “influencer” category as far as I know. Just a regular Corvette owner who had (or has) a C8 Stingray prior to picking up his new car.

I highlight his post because he made some interesting observations about his new ride, which may be the first C8 Z06 equipped with 1LZ trim group, Z07 Performance Package, and Competition Sport seats.

Picked up my Z06 today! Unbelievable car as expected, plus the R8C experience was top notch. In my first 40 miles here’s what I noticed:

– the interior dash chrome trim in my 1LT is pronounced, whereas the 1LZ trim is more of a brushed look (I like it)

– AC controls are also more matte on the Z06 vs Z51

– Competition seat leg bolsters on the Z06 are way less aggressive, which so far seems to be more comfortable for normal driving so far.

– the LT2 makes good low end torque. When you manual shift the Z06, you really shouldn’t be shifting it below 2500 – it’s just not making torque and the engine struggles to pull the car up to speed

– the crackles and pops are way more mellow on the Z06. Maybe I just got used to the full bolt ons and all the noise that comes with it on my 1LT

– Z07 mag ride is pretty stuff. Sport is like a z51 in track mode (plus some) and track mode on the Z06s feel close to my KW V5s on the Z51

– carbon brakes feel nearly identical to my full AP big brake kit so far

– in Z mode with the trans turned all the way aggressive…it really likes to hold cruising speed gears at high RPM. It’s borderline a bit much and will probably turn it down. I was driving normally in my neighborhood at 30 mph and it wanted to be singing at 5000 rpm the whole time.

– comp driver seat has 2 creases in it which is a little annoying. I’ll see if it straightens itself out first after some use.

– Z07 wing does not impede rear visibility at all with the normal rear view mirror. Actually, the Z51 high wing is much worse.

– I’m fairly sure mine was the first 1LZ made

I find his comments on shifting and low-end torque to be interesting, and it’s similar to what we’ve heard from a couple others who have driven the new Z06. For owners coming from the Stingray with the LT2 to the LT6, it will probably take a few drives to adjust to the different shift points.

The thread over at the MECF is pretty lively so if this interests you, check it out!




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