February 22, 2024

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Finally! Tesla Refunds Double-Charged Customers

“While pleased to have the total scenario sorted, I however really feel that the response time was insufficient,” one proprietor reported. “It took times just before Tesla experienced any variety of response, and they have been keeping our sizeable funds the total time. And it took them 5 minutes to consider those funds from our account.”

The refunds ought to have transpired right away at the time buyers notified Tesla of the scenario, but the double billing under no circumstances ought to have happened in the to start with place. The blend of weak consumer services, no PR office, and the slow refund time has pressured these buyers to rethink whether receiving a Tesla was definitely well worth it.

“Everything realistic carried out speedily would have been totally fine,” yet another angry consumer reported. “But I have figured out that Tesla’s lifestyle is that they care about the inventory selling price and not buyers.”