February 21, 2024

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Fiat says all Abarth models to be electric from 2024

Fiat didn’t have the major, daring products announcements in Stellantis EV Day that Ram, Dodge and Jeep did, but the Italian enterprise nevertheless gave us a very little one thing to chew on. 

For starters, Fiat states all future Abarth solutions will be electric powered from 2024 and onward. There are at this time no Fiat Abarth solutions sold in the U.S., but the information could nevertheless be appropriate to us as it issues future Abarths. Information that future Abarths will be electric powered by a sure time is basically affirmation that these kinds of a car or automobiles are on the way, so be expecting an electric powered Abarth sometime about 2024.

Take into account the five hundred Abarth and 124 Abarth to be the very last two gasoline-powered Abarth-branded automobiles to be sold in the U.S. Viewing the closeness of the 2024 cutoff, they’ll also probably be the very last gasoline Abarth products sold globally, way too.

The EV promise extends even further than just Abarth products, however. Fiat beforehand claimed it would turn out to be an EV-only brand name by 2030, but the changeover was laid out with bigger specificity now. By 2024, each individual model line in Fiat’s lineup will have a whole-BEV choice. Fiat does not have a huge lineup, but it suggests the enterprise will need to electrify products further than the new five hundred that is previously electric powered.

And lastly, Fiat guarantees that all of its professional automobiles will supply an electric powered choice beginning in 2022, and the enterprise is counting fuel mobile automobiles as element of this lineup.

The motivation to go all-EV by 2030 nevertheless stands, however Fiat now states it could get there any time among 2025-2030. Fiat states the switchover will be made anytime it can offer EVs for the very same price as their combustion motor equivalents, as it wishes to continue to keep expenses in a spot exactly where your typical Fiat operator can nevertheless invest in its automobiles.

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