The Ferrari Testarossa is an automotive icon of the 1980s that’s straight away identifiable from the cheese-grater side strakes, pop-up headlights, and wedge shape. Continue to, contemporary engineering is significantly additional highly developed currently, and the Swiss company Officine Fioravanti is creating a restomod edition that aims to strengthen the model’s overall performance.

The firm isn’t featuring too a lot of specifics however. Just one of the most fascinating facets is the system to reach a prime pace of 200 miles for each hour (322 kilometers for each hour), versus the original’s Vmax of 180 mph (290 kph), in accordance to Autocar. Presumably, this is heading to call for raising the output from the factory 385 horsepower (287 kilowatts) or 422 hp (315 kW) from the afterwards 512 TR. The tweaks also include adding anti-lock brakes and traction regulate.

Officine Fioravanti is also slicing off 265 kilos (a hundred and twenty kilograms) from the Testarossa, which ought to provide things down to close to 3,500 kilos (1,588 kilograms).

Other variations include a suspension with factors like Öhlins electronic dampers and adjustable anti-roll bars. It gets Brembo racing-spec brakes.


The firm is leaving the Testarossa’s exterior mostly untouched, which helps make feeling simply because the physique is these types of a essential piece of this car or truck. The inside has some tweaks, nevertheless. Officine Fioravanti re-covers the cabin in Italian leather-based. Also, aluminum replaces the original plastic pieces.

In a neat touch, the shots show a 1980s-period motor vehicle phone within the car or truck. It would be actually awesome if Officine Fioravanti could make the gadget practical yet again.

Officine Fioravanti tells Autocar that a full debut is coming “in because of training course.” The firm would seem ready to establish additional Testarossa restomods when this a single is finish.