Daimler and Nokia sign patent licensing agreement

Daimler and Nokia have announced that they have signed a patent licensing settlement.

Underneath the settlement, Nokia licenses cellular telecommunications technology to Daimler and receives payment in return. The get-togethers have agreed to settle all pending litigation involving Daimler and Nokia, which include the complaint by Daimler against Nokia to the European Commission. The conditions of the settlement stay confidential as agreed involving the get-togethers.

The settlement provides an conclusion to a extended-managing dispute above technology legal rights involving the two businesses.

Past 12 months, the Regional Courtroom of Mannheim, Germany ruled that Daimler experienced violated Nokia’s patented cellular technology in its vehicles.

Nokia needed Daimler to pay back royalties dependent on each and every vehicle marketed, but Daimler resisted and said the fees would be too high. Instead, it said Nokia must license the technology to the suppliers of the products used to integrate cellular equipment in its automobiles and all those suppliers must go on the demand to OEMs. Daimler and its supporters have argued that Nokia is abusing its market power.