April 21, 2024

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Abandoned 2020 Geneva Motor Show Is A Surreal Sight

Organizers had been compelled to cancel the 2020 Geneva Motor Present following the Swiss federal government imposed a ban on general public events attracting around 1,000 people. Given that the Geneva Motor Present appeals to around 600,000 people a yr, organizers had no option but to cancel the function to the general public. Could this circumstance have been avoided?

Alternatively, organizers could have most likely opened the function to a restricted range of media attendees to record movies, and interview producers, due to the fact the publicity produced could translate to gross sales, but this would have been hard to organize with these kinds of brief detect. It makes you ponder if this will be the past ever Geneva Motor Present, as automakers may possibly be hesitant to take a hazard following yr following losing thousands and thousands of bucks. With additional automakers now pulling out of motor displays each yr in favor of standalone events and less expensive on the internet reveals, we would not be surprised.