September 26, 2023

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A Perfect Balance Of Luxury And Flexibility

A Perfect Balance Of Luxury And Flexibility

Presented by Grech RV.

With decades of experience, Grech RV has been dedicated to defining the pinnacle of luxury camper vans and RVs through a coachbuilding process that pays careful attention to detail and strives to create the perfect Sprinter Class B RV for your needs. Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, Grech RV’s Mercedes-Benz Class B Motorhomes represent the pinnacle of hand-craftsmanship, luxury, and capability in the luxury camper van space.

Grech RV’s 19-foot Turismo model is known for its ability to balance luxury and flexibility, with a length and footprint that allows less restricted mobility, and the features and finishes that make the camper van truly feel like home in a luxurious way. However, for even further added mobility, the Turismo 4×4 model from Grech RV allows for even more driving confidence with the 4-wheel drive system that’s equipped. For the adventurer that wants to experience the luxury of a Grech RV Class B motorhome in places that are tougher than usual to reach, this is the Sprinter RV that is sure to go above and beyond meeting your needs.