September 29, 2023

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777 Hypercar Is An Ultra-Exclusive Track Machine [w/video]

Praga Bohema front view

There are limited-edition cars, then there are ultra-exclusives machines. The 777 hypercar falls squarely into the latter category as just seven units will be produced. If you must know, the price of this exclusivity is €7m. We aren’t going to bother converting that into rands as our calculator doesn’t have space for that many digits.

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Extreme Machine

The 777 hypercar is the brainchild of Italian car enthusiast Andrea Levy. His aim was to produce a car without the restrictions road legislation or the rules of a race series. As a result the 777 hypercar is extreme in every way, from its appearance, powertrain and levels of downforce. 

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Race Derived

Levy partnered with two top-tier partners to create the 777 hypercar: Dallara and Gibson. The former is responsible for the carbon-fibre monocoque while Gibson will produce the engine. The brakes, suspension and gearbox also come from the world of motorsport.

The 4,5-litre naturally aspirated V8 produces close to 540 kW as it spins to 9 000 r/min. That power output will allow the car to reach a top speed of 370 km/h. Speaking of, at that speed the bodywork generates an incredible 2 100 kg of downforce. Not bad on a car that weighs just 900 kg. 

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Such high levels of downforce will allow the 777 to generate up to 4Gs of lateral grip. The company responsible for its creation is targeting a lap time of 1 min 33 sec around the Monza Autodrome, the company’s base, which is comparable to the current crop of WEC hypercars.