December 10, 2023

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2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Is More Race Car Than Ever Before

As opposed to other street vehicles, the 911 GT3’s motor tech is developed by means of motorsport, and that’s the way it truly is been for much more than 20 a long time. “Over 20 a long time, nearly all the enhancements that have been developed for the GT racing vehicles have been adopted in the street auto,” notes Rohrl. It really is not just the motor, but the chassis and weight-preserving measures, way too.

A carbon fiber-reinforced hood, excess-slender glass for the home windows, cast alloy wheels, and even the brake rotors all lead to preserving weight. At a suppress weight of three,126 lbs with the 6-velocity manual transmission, the 2022 GT3 is virtually as light-weight as the first iteration was back in 1999.

Rohrl, who set the first sub-eight-minute Nurburgring lap with the unique, finds this especially remarkable. “When I listen to that the new GT3, which is considerably much larger, and considerably much more able, in essence weighs just under [150 lbs] much more than the first GT3, I can only doff my hat to a masterpiece of technological innovation,” he claims.