December 10, 2023

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2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe India review, test drive

What accurately is the Porsche Cayenne Coupe?

The new Porsche Cayenne Coupe, as the name suggests, is a swoopier, lower-roof edition of the standard Cayenne. Equivalent to the BMW X6 or the Mercedes GLE Coupe, this additional interesting wanting edition of the Cayenne capabilities a tighter-fitting roof, wider haunches and, from some angles, a glance that vaguely resembles the nose and profile of a 911. When lots of discover SUV-coupes to be frivolous, and they may well have a point, there’s no denying Porsche at least has its sportscar heritage and DNA to attract on. So, is the Coupe truly worth forking out added for? The basic Cayenne Coupe expenditures Rs 1.31 crore, as versus the standard Cayenne’s Rs 1.20 crore.

What does the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe glance like?

There is no denying, the coupe appears to be like quite a few situations sportier than the standard Cayenne. Porsche designers have finished a good job in melting away considerably of the visible bulk, and that block-like profile on the frequent Cayenne that normally jars, which is long gone way too. Also, compared with some of the levels of competition, the Cayenne Coupe rarely appears to be like pressured or deliberate.

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Porsche has finished a good job generating the Cayenne Coupe’s rear design glance organic and not pressured.


To reach this, Porsche has ‘slammed’ the roof by 20mm, the ‘A’ and ‘C’ pillars are now seriously raked, and then to accentuate the coupe-like influence, the major of the roof is finished in dim colour, visually lowering the roofline –smart. For the roof, you can possibly get a entire carbon-fibre panel, which will save 21kg, or go in for a fastened panoramic glass roof.  

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The active spoiler spoiler can increase by 135mm and routinely deploys when you cross 90kph.


At the edge of the roof, there’s a big fastened spoiler, which performs with an energetic spoiler housed at the base of the rear windscreen. Able of extending by 135mm, it’s deployed routinely at the time the SUV has crossed 90kph. There is, apparently, no rear wiper.

When the rear of the car is 18mm wider, there aren’t lots of modifications in components above the frequent Cayenne. Porsche has retuned the a few-chamber air suspension to make the Coupe drive in a sportier way, and some compact modifications carried out on the sportier GTS steering process have been drafted in below way too. The process has been created to give greater frictional suggestions and body weight above before Cayennes, and the Coupe receives Porsche’s Electrical power Steering Additionally that reduces guidance considerably as pace rise.

What is the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe like to drive? 

The initial point you recognize is that, on its a few-chamber air suspension, the Cayenne Coupe rides like no car on 21-inch wheels has the suitable to. There is no edgy shuffle, no bobbing, and no thud-thudding possibly. In simple fact, above our frequent surfaces, the Coupe rides practically as effectively as any luxurious SUV. Certainly, there is a hint of stiffness and some compact volume of movement is there, but that apart, consolation concentrations are so great, the Coupe can pass muster as frequent each day transport, and which is critical.

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The 21-inch wheels glance good and will not hamper trip excellent.


Pick out Activity, this is a Porsche, get it on to an suitable highway and the Cayenne Coupe also, very swiftly, telegraphs its intent to you through the rim of the steering. Now considerably additional direct, when compared to before Cayennes of this technology, the steering is slack-free of charge and only receives greater the tougher you drive the Coupe. Limited body command assures course modifications are managed by what feels like only compact actions, and then, as prolonged as you are specific and deliberate into corners, the Coupe truly does sense sporty and fun, inspite of the scales reading in excess of 2.1 tonne. Porsche cannot fully defy the legal guidelines of physics, and you do sense the mass when you gradual down, pace up or make large directional modifications, but all in all, the Cayenne now sense a little bit additional agile and ready. Of study course, it helped that our car has a steered rear axle, which performs an critical section when it arrives to agility. And then simply because the 4-wheel-drive process primarily operates in rear-wheel-drive manner, you get a hint of oversteer on gravelly corners.

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The Cayenne Coupe feels sporty and fun inspite of it weighing 2.1 tonnes.


The 340hp single-turbo V6 also has enough ability when you are diving in and out of corners. The engine has a fairly sporty exhaust take note, it spins freely and its -100kph time of 6.0sec dead is great adequate way too. It is just that this is a Porsche, and specially in a straight line, and from relaxation, you expect a little bit additional of a kick and a little bit additional drama. Unusual point is you cannot even choose for the Cayenne Coupe S that has 430hp. On the other hand,the single-turbo engine is responsive, the gearbox functions effectively in targeted visitors and driving is effortless. Desire the motor had been a little bit smoother while,and the gearbox could have been little bit a lot quicker on the attract in Comfort and Activity way too.

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three.-litre, V6 turbo-petrol produces 340hp.


The Cayenne Coupe also has an Off-highway manner. Pick out this and the SUV rises up on its air springs, delivering you adequate clearance to just take it off the overwhelmed route. Now all you have to do is just take care of people large 21-inch wheels. So, inspite of at the rear of really sporty in how it drives, you can also entry areas only SUVs with plenty of clearance can arrive at.

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Air-suspension gives sufficient floor clearance to go off-highway.


What is the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe like on the inside?

With our aim on rear-seat consolation, does the 20mm reduced roofline mean reduced rear seat consolation? Not really. Porsche has solved the dilemma by mounting the bench 30mm reduced, when compared to the frequent Cayenne. This does mean that you are sat a little bit reduced and a little bit additional knees up, but what you also get is loads and loads of legroom, a properly reclined back relaxation and even a prolonged, cozy seat. The fastened panoramic roof brightens up the cabin, as and when you require it, visibility out isn’t way too compromised, and you also get delicate-close doorways and electrical window blinds.

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The rear seat is mounted 30mm reduced than in the standard Cayenne, to counter the reduced roof-line.


If you are familiar with the Cayenne and its large-excellent sprint, the Coupe arrives with no important modifications. The twelve.three-inchscreen continue to stands out as a thing distinctive, the instrument panel with the tachometer at the centre and the screens on possibly facet appears to be like correctly Porsche and with the a few-spoke steering finished in large-gloss chrome, there are plenty of details to stare at. I especially like the big bracket-like chrome vents, and the knurled details on the metallic buttons and switches that sense distinctive and this is also accurate of the aviation-encouraged shiny black central console that is entire of buttons that function on capacitive touch.

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The large-excellent dashboard shares its design and layout with the standard Cayenne. 


The hidden menus that pop up on the touchscreen when your finger nears it are, even so, an unnecessary supply of confusion, the stopwatch mounted on the major of the sprint is continue to a head scratcher and you will require to purchase plenty of USB C adapters for your phones and units. And for people of you who really don’t pack light, make sure you recall thatthe 16 % lesser,625-litre boot isn’t as big as it must be on an SUV of this size.

Should really I purchase the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe?

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If you are wanting for a sporty luxurious SUV, the Cayenne Coupe ticks a ton of packing containers. Plainly sportier and additional interesting wanting than the block-like standard car, it is also a person of the greatest-wanting cars and trucks of its style. It has the stance, there is a very clear bloodline to Porsche’s sportier cars and trucks visible and then, impressively, the Coupe isn’t impractical possibly. Considerably from it, consolation concentrations on the inside are practically as great, the car clearly feels additional distinctive on the inside, excellent concentrations are very large and then whilst the boot is a little bit lesser, it is also fairly simple way too. Then the trip is snug inspite of the 21-inch wheels. and the Coupe also drives like a Porsche must. It is no 911, for certain, but you can absolutely derive a reasonable volume of driving satisfaction on a winding highway or filth highway. It does require a little bit additional grunt, and additional functionality would be considerably appreciated, but must you purchase the Coupe alternatively of the frequent Cayenne? Definitely, if you want a little bit additional type and really don’t head sacrificing a little bit of practicality. 

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